Scrum Training at YOW!

YOW! Conference 2011

Get your colleagues Scrum trained at Australia's best software development conference

Scrum WithStyle is very proud to be involved with this year's YOW! conferences in Melbourne and Brisbane. We have been selected to deliver the Certified ScrumMaster course as part of the workshop programme in both locations.

If you have any colleagues (particularly of the technically-inclined variety) who are interested in Agile/Scrum and have yet to complete in-depth Scrum training, please point them to these YOW! workshops. They represent a great way to complete a CSM course and partake in what I believe is the best software development conference offered in Australia.

For any of you who are unfamiliar with YOW!, I believe it began with the JAOO Sydney conference in 2009 organised by agile software development house Trifork of Denmark who are also responsible for such up-scale events as QCon in London and San Francisco

As someone lucky enough to attend the JAOO conference in 2009 as well as a lot of other conferences both in Australia and overseas, I can attest that the invited speakers are amongst the most respected practitioners in the software industry globally and the content is second-to-none. If you haven't seen it already, I'm sure you'll be impressed by this speaker list. It is very humbling to be amongst such company as Dan Ingalls, Rebecca Wirfs-Brock and Eric Evans (just to name a few) on that page.

Just by way of disclaimer, neither I nor Scrum WithStyle has any financial interest in YOW! other than the CSM workshops. I do however feel that having so many experts from around the world come to Australia for such an event is something we should value and I'm certainly impressed by the tireless efforts of Dave Thomas (of Smalltalk and Eclipse fame) in repeatedly visiting our shores to drum up interest.

I hope I'll see you and/or your colleagues at YOW!