The Responsibility Process Workshop

The Responsibility Process® Leading and Coaching workshop

The first ever workshops on The Responsibility Process to be offered in Australia ran in September 2017. Scrum WithStyle was delighted to present "The Responsibility Process guy" himself - Christopher Avery - to lead them.

If you are interested in learning about The Responsibility Process direct from Christopher in 2018, please register your interest and we'll be in touch as soon as the next round of CAL courses are scheduled.

The Responsibility Process Leading and Coaching workshop: A day of powerful change

Do People Around You Waste Valuable Time And Energy NOT Taking Ownership For Obvious and Important Problems?

  • You strive to be efficient but lose a lot of time to resistance and defensiveness around you
  • You want to improve productivity but keep rehashing old issues
  • You try to introduce change but banging your head on the wall hurts

Confidently Lead and Coach people to Take Responsibility and Demonstrate Ownership with The Responsibility Process

Responsibility; Obligation; Quit; Shame; Justify; Lay Blame; DenialApplied research over the last twenty-five years on the front lines of leadership about how personal responsibility works in the mind (how we avoid it and take it) now makes it possible for coaches and leaders to understand and apply the mental processes and language of personal Responsibility.

Working with The Responsibility Process will lead you to insights and a-ha's about your behaviour that may cause others to avoid Responsibility and Ownership. These same insights and a-ha's will show you what you can change so that others step up to Responsibility and Ownership.

Inspire those around you to demonstrate far greater ownership behaviour as individuals, and in teams and enterprises. You will add more value as your team or clients take ownership; practice self-leadership; and learn, correct, and improve more easily, directly, and quickly.

Each participant will receive:

  • The Responsibility Process bookYour own copy of Christopher's new book: The Responsibility Process ‐ Unlocking Your Natural Ability to Live and Lead with Power ‐ a $20 (USD) value
  • A certificate of completion you can use to claim professional development or continuing education credits from your association.
  • Free admission to a follow-up webinar with Christopher one to two months following the workshop
  • $100 coupon toward your first year's membership in The Leadership Gift Program


Judith Mills"Over the last year 350 people in 9 countries have become way more productive than we ever imagined they could be. Our agile processes are successful primarily because everyone takes ownership by understanding and practicing The Responsibility Process. Today we produce twice the software with half the headcount."
-Judith Mills, Vice President Product Eng. Ops., CDC Software, Atlanta, Georgia

Sergey Dmitriev"This can change your life."
-Sergey Dmitriev, Executive Agile Coach, Oslo, Norway


Workshop outline

8:30am - 9:00am - check-in and coffee

  • Learning The Responsibility Process
  • Applying The Responsibility Process and Keys to Responsibility for self-leadership
  • Teaching The Responsibility Process for shared understanding
Lunch 12:30pm - 1:30pm

  • Responsibility ≠ Accountability
  • Agility and Responsibility
  • Elevating responsibility in others
  • Intervening as a leader or coach
Adjourn 5:00pm

Cancellation Policy

You may substitute anytime. Cancel more than 4-weeks prior for a full refund. You may switch session dates any time. No refunds after switching a session date.


  • Leave this workshop ready to apply what you learn about yourself and others
  • Understand how your mind uses The Responsibility Process to keep you stuck or propel you forward
  • Improve how you demonstrate, lead, and coach ownership behaviour with the tools and activities you will learn
  • Understand the difference between accountability and responsibility and the mental processes they invoke in you and those you lead
  • Learn how to invite and allow others to try on what you will learn, what is required and where the pitfalls lie
  • Realise why giving advice may be the weakest tool you have available-and what you can do that's more effective
  • Evaluate and choose the basic tools to support your success in practicing and teaching ownership behaviour
  • Address your important topics and interests that intersect with this content


Work directly with The Responsibility Process and The Keys to Responsibility to practice leadership and coaching tools that Christopher and his students in The Leadership Gift Program apply with their teams and clients.

Teams that attend together will leave with a new shared language for highly effective leadership, teamwork, change, and performance.

What participants say...

"Extremely engaging, entertaining and educational workshop! The Responsibility Process is a simple and powerful model for understanding our reaction to anxiety/conflict. Understanding the model will help direct you to operate from a position of responsibility sooner when conflict arises."
‐Chris Woodruff, VP, Bank of America, Columbus, OH

"This experience is for anyone who wants to own their destiny and get to the next level. I was even able to use The Responsibility Process model on my drive home from the workshop. I can't tell you how eye-opening and free it felt to realise that I really do have the power within myself to make changes that are really totally up to me!! Thank you, Christopher!"
‐Elaine McCormick, Principal Consultant, Improving Enterprises, Columbus, OH

"This seminar is eye-opening and absolutely essential for developing executive presence, emotional intelligence, and presence of mind."
‐Mark Harris, QA Director, Grange Insurance, Columbus, OH.

Eric Talboom"This workshop will help you understand why you and people around you respond to problems the way they do. It will make it easier for you to challenge your own reactions and grow on a personal level. It will also make it easier for you to accept the way people around you respond. This model helps you to talk about your reactions and gives you an easy frame of reference that you can use to improve yourself and attain a higher level of personal freedom. It has become a key element of my path towards personal freedom and growth."
‐Erik Talboom,, Belgium

"The workshop is a great opportunity to make you step back for a while and think about the internal processes inside your head on how you react to problems. It makes you reframe your natural responses in respect to taking responsibility and take control over this aspect of your life. It puts you in the driver seat again. Christopher Avery has a vast background in the matter and can introduce you step by step. If you want to understand yourself, follow this workshop to get insight in this element of your behaviour."
‐Filip Vertommen, Agile Program Manager, Vertof Consult, Belgium

"Christopher Avery's Leading and Coaching workshop is one of the most valuable training events I have attended in my professional career."
‐Chris Farrell, Senior Consultant, Quick Solutions, Columbus, OH

"A not-to-miss workshop for you and your colleagues. This course was really great. Christopher is inspiring on a topic that is crazy important. It does not matter what your background or role is. Even if you already know about The Responsibility Process, this course goes into more detail on why you are on certain "islands", thereby granting you more insight into improving yourself. You will also benefit from the experience and input from other attendees."
‐Tim Schraepen, Developer/Coach/Agilist, Belgium

"This is powerful stuff! Christopher's class is crucial for sharing the insights to unlock your own ability to be responsive to critical situations and to help model behaviours for your teams to be able to do the same."
‐Tony Piazza, Project Management Consultant, Indianapolis, IN

"I learned the underlying essentials for success with Agile, and more importantly, for a significant and satisfying human existence - be it in life or in Solution Delivery. This workshop was a transformative enlightening of human nature and specifically what we need to first acknowledge and overcome in ourselves in order to affect a significant and satisfying existence. "
‐Jim Rice, Change Champion/Agile Delivery Leader, Dublin, OH, USA

"Very efficient. I gained a lot of knowledge in a short amount of time. I'm already using the concepts in my day-to-day leadership style."
‐Greg Rick, IT Manager, Nationwide Insurance, Columbus, OH

"The Responsibility Process in general and this session, in particular, is one of the most valuable educational experiences of my career."
‐Brian Hemker, Agile Coach, Columbus, OH

"If you want to gain insights about how and why you (and everybody else) are reacting when things go wrong at the job, in your life, in your family, etc.. And gain insights how those reactions are impacting on us and others."
‐Daniela Stanojlovic R&D Manager, Readsoft, Sweden

"Once you see how much time and effort you and your team members can waste on the islands of "lay blame", "justify", "shame", and "obligation", you will want to learn this stuff ;-) "
‐Christoph Steindl, CEO,, Linz, Austria

"Before the workshop, I was not aware of the big difference between responsibility and accountability - and what difference it makes when people in your team take responsibility."
‐Werner Fischer, Manager Research & Development, Thomas-Krenn.AG, Austria

"Great experience, very inspiring. A very good starting point for thinking about own and other's behaviours for changing to high performance."
‐Jürgen Minichshofer, Program Manager, DICE, Linz, Austria

"A great opportunity to learn more about how people approach problems when they occur. By understanding the process you can help coach others to understand and improve the way they approach problems."
‐Lou Parisi, Global Software Manager, Toppan Photomasks, Inc., Austin, TX

"This a life changer not just another leadership training (and I've done many). Christopher's deep knowledge of this research and the simplicity of the process makes it very compelling and practical. I used the learning next morning with my family and my wife now wants to attend this workshop!"

Cyndi McAlpine"Christopher delivers outstanding, relevant, thought-provoking and timely information that will get you thinking differently about how to improve upon all aspects of your life!"
‐Cyndi McAlpine, Project Manager, Switchbox, Inc., Columbus, OH

"It is an action-packed insightful, motivating workshop that emphasises the importance of taking ownership for our own coping versus growing strategies."
‐Carol C. Fleming, Business Systems Analyst, Columbus, Ohio

"Christopher Avery does a great job at prescribing success at life through mastering your own psychology of The Responsibility Process."
‐Sean Kiner Columbus, OH Director of Customer Experience

"I've already been blabbing on about it to my husband; I think it drastically changed his mindset about himself and his employees."
‐Monica McJunkin, Managing Director, New Context, Columbus, Ohio

Junilu Lacar"You should really go to this, it can change your whole outlook on things."
‐Junilu Lacar, Technical Leader, Cisco  


"This was an excellent and informative training. Rather than focus on a specific technique to train it simply provides insight into a thought process that everyone goes through. Being aware of that process can allow you to move toward responsibility and ownership much faster."
‐Kincade Park, Senior Manager of Business Analysts/ScrumMasters, BancVue, Austin, TX

"This was an awesome class. I was able to identify different points in my life where I participated below the line. The class made me better understand what it means to be responsible and how we use "excuses" for anything less than responsibility."
‐Mikka Abbington, Specialist Project Manager, Nationwide Insurance, Columbus OH

About Christopher Avery

Christopher Avery "The Responsibility Process guy" is a reformed management consultant. After a decade helping corporations help smart, ambitious professionals find ways to cope with lives they don't want and think they can't change, Christopher realised coping skills are overrated. A better skill is knowing how to apply your innate leadership ability to face and overcome any challenge.

That's freeing.

Today he supports leaders and leadership teams in generating newfound freedom, choice, and power for themselves and others. How? By advancing the world's first proven how-to approach for understanding, teaching, and taking personal responsibility.

A speaker with style and substance, Christopher's message is popular with audiences interested in agility, more leadership (not more leaders), and results that matter. He authored the popular classic Teamwork Is An Individual Skill for everyone who wants to be done with bad teams. His new book The Responsibility Process offers practices gleaned from twenty-five years of applied research on responsibility-taking and leadership. He's the host of The Leadership Gift Program and its worldwide community of leaders and coaches who are mastering responsibility and producing results that matter.

Christopher is the CEO of Partnerwerks, Inc., the leadership development firm. Wondering why so many smart people spend unhappy lives at work, he left a perfectly good job in his mid-twenties to return to school and earn a Ph.D. in organisation science from the University of Texas at Austin.

Don't call Christopher if you don't want to change.