Simulating Scrum using Lego

2010 sees Scrum WithStyle adding some some exciting new activities to our training. One that has proven particularly worthwhile is a multi-team Scrum simulation using Lego. As trainer, I play Product Owner and provide the teams with a vision and an initial Product Backlog. The teams then clarify the User Stories and we capture the Product Owner’s decisions on the requirements as Conditions of Satisfaction. The teams estimate the stories before the Product Owner re-prioritises. The teams do some Sprint Planning and commit to certain Product Backlog Items. Then we’re off and Sprinting. Sprint Reviews, Retrospectives and updating the Release Burndown complete the process miniature. It’s amazing what Scrum teams can achieve in two or three 5 minute sprints!

Here’s a photo of an in-house class in Perth who built ‘Scrumville’ out of lego. This came at the conclusion of a week of training including Effective User Stories for Agile Requirements, Certified ScrumMaster and Agile Estimating and Planning courses. I really enjoyed our week exploring and experiencing Scrum and the Lego simulation brings it all together.