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Principles from Principles to Practices Workshop

I'm delighted to be appearing at the Prague Scrum Gathering in November to facilitate a workshop on 'Principles to Practices for building your Scrum Mastery'

Webinar summary: Seven Agile adoption problems with LeSS solutions

Over the last few months I have been speaking in Sydney, Auckland and Wellington about Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS). I'll be speaking about this in Melbourne too on August 19. An angle on this topic that I find particular relevant for just about anyone involved in Agile adoption is to discuss the organisational problems that LeSS seeks to solve together with the principles and patterns that have proven effective in solving them.


I recently recorded a webinar about this with Equinox IT who are Scrum WithStyle's long-standing training partner in New Zealand. So long-standing that I've actually been delivering Scrum training 3-4 times per year through Equinox IT for 6 years now!

Scrum Australia 2013 - Mission Accomplished!

So we did it! Scrum Australia shipped the first ever Scrum conference in Australia and by all accounts it was a roaring success.

Scrum Australia 2013 was the result of:

2011 - The Scrum WithStyle Year in Review

2011 was an amazing year for Scrum WithStyle. Here are some of the many highlights.

Busting the "No Specialists on the Team" Myth

...and why we value (specialist) "Team Member" over "Programmer" or "Tester" in Scrum.

Fictional card wall with no-one picking up tasks that aren't within their speciality

There is a line in the latest (2011) Scrum Guide that says:

Agile Tour Sydney

Vivid Sydney

The community-based Agile conference for practitioners, by practitioners.

Whilst we're on the topic of conferences, there is another, much more community-organised event happening back-to-back with YOW! in just a month from now.

Scrum Training at YOW!

YOW! Conference 2011

Get your colleagues Scrum trained at Australia's best software development conference

Hello World Redux

"It has been a long time between drinks" as they say. During my recovery from a prolonged bout of pneumonia I have had the space to reflect on what I would like to share and the manner in which I would like to voice it. As a result, I have made a resolution to revive the blogging here.

CAS Simulation as a Java Applet

During my Certified ScrumMaster classes we run a series of simulations to experience the behaviour of a Complex Adaptive System (CAS). We do this by having all class participants behave as agents in the system who continuously adjust their position in a container (the room) relative to two other randomly selected agents. These two other agents are known as your “best friend” and your “worst enemy” (only for the purpose of these simulations of course)!

Scrum Gathering = Summer of Love mixed with great content



The biggest gathering of Scrum practitioners occurred earlier this month in Orlando, Florida and I was lucky enough to be there along with only a couple of other Australians.

Simulating Scrum using Lego

2010 sees Scrum WithStyle adding some some exciting new activities to our training. One that has proven particularly worthwhile is a multi-team Scrum simulation using Lego. As trainer, I play Product Owner and provide the teams with a vision and an initial Product Backlog. The teams then clarify the User Stories and we capture the Product Owner’s decisions on the requirements as Conditions of Satisfaction. The teams estimate the stories before the Product Owner re-prioritises. The teams do some Sprint Planning and commit to certain Product Backlog Items. Then we’re off and Sprinting. Sprint Reviews, Retrospectives and updating the Release Burndown complete the process miniature. It’s amazing what Scrum teams can achieve in two or three 5 minute sprints!

Balls in the air at Old Parliament House

It was a pleasure to kick off the new year of Scrum training at the country’s original seat of federal political power: Old Parliament House. Astute readers may recall a previous visit described on the Software WithStyle blog. Some of you may also know that Canberra is my home town and as such it is particularly rewarding to return there to help organisations improve their agility.

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