2011 - The Scrum WithStyle Year in Review

2011 was an amazing year for Scrum WithStyle. Here are some of the many highlights.

A collage of some of the many visuals created during our Agile training in 2011
  • Joseph Pelrine (XP, Scrum and Social Complexity guru) visited Sydney and Melbourne after his stint as CTO at ebay Europe to run a series of courses through Scrum WithStyle including an advanced Coaching Self-organising Teams course in Sydney that was very well received by number of experience agile practitioners and coaches.
  • Simon Bennett (fellow Aussie CST and former Head of Lean, Agile and Systems Thinking at EMC Consulting) visited three times to run Scrum training around Australia and speak at Agile Australia. His talk "Agile vs Lean - Stop Fighting, Start Delivering: Reloaded" was so well received that it had Agile Fellow, Jean Tabaka, nearly in tears and Simon was invited to replay it at Telstra a few days later.
  • The Scrum Gathering in Seattle, Washington where former World Bank leader and Australian, Steve Denning, put a powerful case for delighting our customers and reinventing management using Agile/Scrum thinking. Scrum Alliance Members can find slides from many of the sessions on the Presentations tab of the event page.
  • Running the first ever Certified Scrum Product Owner course in the Philippines through our partner, Codelean. It was a fantastic experience to meet agile enthusiasts from the Philippines, Japan and South Korea plus the all-you-can-eat buffet lunches were amazing! We're off there to run a second one in March.
  • Three hops across the Tasman to the beautiful north island of New Zealand to run Scrum and Agile training in Auckland and Wellington through our partner, Equinox. You can find our schedule of NZ courses on the Equinox training page under "Agile and Scrum".
  • The Scrum Gathering in London, U.K. where we would have run a session had illness not gotten in the way. Scrum Alliance Members can find slides from many of the sessions on the Presentations tab of the event page.
  • YOW! 2011 Australian Software Developer Conference in Melbourne and Brisbane at which we ran the CSM workshops. In Brisbane we had Martin Fowler and Jez Humble running a workshop next door. A memorable moment was when Martin walked out right in-front of a projection of the Agile Manifesto that he had a hand in writing.
  • Agile Tour Sydney which we helped to organise, sponsored and ran a couple of very well received workshops. It was an amazing opportunity to have Linda Rising as well as Mary and Tom Poppendieck there on the Saturday to pick their brains about Fearless Change and Influence patterns as well as the latest in Lean Software Development. You can find a nice write-up of this on Ed Wong's blog.

To all of you whom we spent time discussing Scrum and Agile techniques with in 2011, thank you. We'd love to hear how your agile journey is going in 2012 so please keep in touch.

Some exciting news for 2012 is that we have expanded our agile coaching presence with the help of two very talented coaches: Lachlan Heasman (Sydney) and Ed Wong (Melbourne). If you are interested in help with your agile transformation, please contact us via our contact form or the phone number below.

We have also increased our backoffice capability with the assistance of the very capable Jessica Reid. Hers is the voice you may hear when you call our landline number: (02) 9567 3101.


Agile Metrics

Rowan - Very interesting and promising. I am a new entrant into the world of Agile & Scrum. I have been writing about Scrum Methodology recently and am very interested to learn about Agile / Scrum Metrics. Will visit your blog in future to keep pace with upcoming stuff in that area.

- Mak